How I heard the first time about WordPress

I still remember that day when I heard the first time about WordPress. I did not remember the exact date but I remembered month and year, It was February 2015. That time, I was a student and I was in my second semester. I was studying computer engineering from CHARUSAT University. One day, During college lunchtime, My senior call me on the phone and told me that “Hey Dhruv, Are you interested in creating a live website? “. I replied to him “Yes!, Of course”. After that, he told me “Then, Let’s catch-up after college at the cafe”. I replied to him “Okay, See you after college”.

After college, I went to the cafe where he told me to come. At Cafe, I sew that there are 5 to 6 other people with my senior. One of them was the main marketing guy and others are just like me college students and few are my senior’s friends. That marketing guy was a member of the Multi-level marketing(MLM) of one hosting company. That day tech me how MLM work and he totally convinced me to buy hosting from him and I will get one-year domain name and one-year unlimited website hosting. During his conversion, He introduces WordPress to me. He told me after purchasing hosting from him, I will get CPanel, and then I can make a website with WordPress. I told him “Okay that’s great but I don’t know how to use WordPress. ” he answered that “We have an e-learning platform where we have WordPress tutorials and that platform is totally free with Hosting.” After that, I agreed to purchase the hosting from him. 

After 2 weeks I purchased hosting and domain from that hosting company. My first domain was With that domain name, I started blogging. I continue that domain for 2 years only. So that’s how I heard the first time about WordPress. That it. 

Thank you for reading this story. Comment below how you head the first time about WordPress.


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